leagle age to leave home

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big69red | 19:58 Sat 25th Mar 2006 | Parenting
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can my daughter leave home at 16


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Legally - yes. She's classified as an adult in the eyes of the UK law.

She does have to have your permission though. At 17, she can leave without your permission.
Sholay's having a bad day!

1. Nobody is classified as an 'adult' by UK law until they're 18, not 16.

However . . .

2. There's no statutory law which states when a young person can leave home. (Sholay seems to have got confused with the law on marriage). In cases of family breakdown, some young people leave home to live (with the support of social services) in their own flats well before school-leaving age. (I've taught several 14 and 15 year olds who've left home).

In general, however, 16 is usually taken as the age when people can leave home. (For example, if a 16-year-old 'runs away' and the police find out where they're living, the parents have no right to be told the wherabouts of their child if the young person wants their location kept secret. The same would not normally be true for a young person under-16 years of age).

This link does not deal with the legal position regarding young people leaving home but it may still be of interest to you if your daughter may be about to leave home:

OK, I'm just going to stick to the TV section!

legal age

whereabouts of their children

are you going to allow your child to leave home at 16? she's still a kid. what would she do to survive? are you going to support her financialy? she should be thinking about getting an education instead of moving out and so should you.
I wouldn't let my kid leave at 16. I moved out on my 17th birthday and knowing how hard it was (i didn't claim for any benefits or housing) i'd never let my kid go through that, even if they swore they hated me for it.
I looked into this when I was 16 ( a few years ago) and a 16 year old can leave home legally as long as they can support themselves and are in no danger. I did leave home at 16 and it was bloody hard, it caused a lot of distress for the family and in some ways I regret it. Saying that, everything worked out well. If you try and stop her it could cause allsorts of problems. If she really wants to go try and help wherever you can,at least that way you can keep in touch and mabe a little bit bit of peace of mind. Be there for her if she needs you. Good luck
my daughtor left home, we had no social problems at home,just that she wanted to do her own thing, and legally i cant do anything, she went to the council and said im homeless and thats it. The law in the uk for children leaving home aqt sixteen needs to change.
thankyou wallis i found your words really comforting thankyou.
So im 16, i have 4 siblings but they have a different bialogical father to me. He live's at home with us and has done since i was 2 years old. I appreciate him being there for me but in a way he isn't. He treat's me so differently to the rest of the kids. Iv'e told my mum a few times that i do not like him and do not get along with him. She doesn't seem to really care. I have been with my boyfriend for 8months now and she doesn't seem to like him very much. I like him a lot, but i hate living at the house i am in. I feel so different and left out, and i feel isolated... im not aloud to do anything! Whenever my friends are out or going to parties, im never aloud! They hardly let me see my boyfriend and i just dont know what to do! help someone :( x
can a child leave home at the age of 17 in the united states?
can you legally leave home at the age of 17 in the united states of america?

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leagle age to leave home

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