tired of picking up after the kids?

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morg_monster | 14:33 Wed 15th Mar 2006 | Parenting
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Not sure whether any of you have seen this but I think you would appreciate it... this lady has definitely got the right idea, fed up with nagging her kids and other half to pick up after themselves she has an empty box and is putting any toys, bits and bobs, clothes etcetera that they won't clear away! She's auctioning it on Ebay and it ends in about 6 hours. How funny!


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Quality stuff. That's great.
This is brilliant- I defy any mum to read this and not to go "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!". I hope she gets a brilliant spending spree with the auction money.
surely its all a hoax? Just a way to get money, no doubt. What person in their right mind is going to think "oh they've left their brand new playstation out, going to put that in?"
just second hand junk really!
I bet the dad and kids are bidding as we type and buying more stuff besides-now she'll have to pick up all the packaging when its delivered .....
We have no rules in our house except "use your common sense and be aware of the law of cause and effect", so my kids are perfectly used to me bagging up stuff and donating it to a charity shop if it's left all over the place, these have included xbox games, new trainers, dvds, cds, clothes. You don't have to do it very often to ensure that it's understood that it's perfectly fine for them to behave any way they choose with their stuff, but if it's left on my floor then it will be donated to the charity shop.There is no fishing it out of what my kids call the "bag of doom", once it's in there, off it goes.Gives them a great sense of self discipline, they choose whether they bother to pick it up or not and whether they keep it and we get a nice tidy house without shouting or nagging.Seems I'm not the only one:)
thanks for posting this, I have just laughed out loud, how funny was that :-)

Great idea Noxlumus. Unfortunately, I might well be the one who suffers as well. They might make be abide by my own rules and I'm not always the tidiest of people :o)

the person who won had only 1 auction point to their id. Makes you wonder if the winner was perhaps someone who knew the seller???

maybe I'm just a cynic.

Cool threat tho, maybe I'll start "a box" and tell them I'm selling it. then when they'ver forgotten about all their stuff, I'll re-wrap it and give it to them next christmas.


I kept threatening to throw out any toys I found on floor of my 6yr son & 5yr daughter bedrooms, (I dont expect spotless results but they have huge toybox to put it all in) anyway my son tried to save everything he could when I went in with my bin bag, my 5yr daughter however started handing me her toys to put in the bin! I didnt know whether to laugh or cry!
My friend used to donate anything her son left on the floor to charity! It's amazing how quickly he became wise to this and left the Happy Meal toys lying about, but put the rest away. So she feels like she is making a point and he gets her to tidy up the rubbish he is fed up with!!!!

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tired of picking up after the kids?

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