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petalclaire | 23:46 Mon 13th Mar 2006 | Parenting
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Hiya everyone,

Last month i stopped talkin my pill, was on my period on the 15th of feb, not sure when i'm next on, me and my bf have been trying since then. I was wondering if these could be early pregnancy symptoms? Expecting it on the 15th of april i think but not positive.

Keep occasionally going dizzy, been having heart burn, tired constantly, drinkin loadza water and cause of this constantly going to the bathroom. Really emotional as well and I just feel different, can't explain it.

Thank you x x


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Possibility,If thats what you are hoping for then i wish you lots of luck,let us know the outcome.

The only symptom I had from early on was never being hungry, always feeling as if I'd just eaten.

But I guess it's different for every woman.

it took my friend over a year to conceive after coming off the pill, so don't build your hopes up too much too soon or you could end up having a false pregnancy with all the symptoms and nought to show for it !! it will happen in god's good time and then you will be a mum, remeber all wee bairns are a gift from god and very very precious gifts too.

be gentle with yourself.

go to the chemist and get a clearblue kit. It'll cost you a few quid and put your mind at rest either way.

Good luck

I was on my pill 13 yrs without a break and came off it thinking it would take a good year to get pregnant. It took 2 months! Everyones different and some people take a year to get the pill out of their system,some take a lot shorter time.

Tescos do a double pack pregnancy test for �6 or so,so if you're not pregnant this time you can save one for next time you're not sure. Also I and my friend used ones you can get from Savers which are only a pound (they are just a strip you dip in a cup,like a nurse uses) they have no frills but they work 100% and you can buy a few so if you have the urge to check if you have fallen or not its not gonna cost you a fortune!

Take care.

@Schlomo: Same with me, six weeks after coming off the pill, that I'd been on for 13 years, I was pregnant.
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hey hun

not wanting to scare u, but this doesnt sound like pregnancy to me - it sounds more like diabetes....

js nip to that chemist that does free tests - erm lloyds is it? dont let them tell you ur dehydrated tho! (speaking from experience....) let me know how u go on


I'd do a pregnancy test. Easiest way to find out. You need to wait and see if your period is a couple of days late first mind. Is your period late?
Sorry - just re-read your thread. You said you didn't know when you were next due.

Well if your last one was 15th Feb, the way a woman's cycle length is counted is from the 1st day of her last period - that being Day One. So right now (18th March) you're on Day 32 of your cycle. There is still chance that the "old bag" could show up.

If you've only just come off the Pill you need to allow a couple of months for your periods to settle down, although there is every chance that you could have got pregnant this month, assuming that you and bf did the right thing at the right time.

You will release an egg approx. 14 days before your period starts and this egg only lives for 24 hours and then it dies off. If you did the deed around the time you ovulated, and caught the egg whilst it was still alive, there is a strong chance you could be pregnant.

As I said though, best to do a pregnancy test eh?
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Hiya everyone,

not pregnant, was a bit upset at first, but ya know, first month. Never mind.have to keep tryin i guess, darn, lol.

I was wondering about the diabetes thing actly, think i may go and get tested for it cause i always drink absolutly loads, like in the past hour i've drunk 2 litres of water for no apparent reason, good think is i have nice skin cause of all the water i consume.

thank you so much for all of your replies, still trying to find my way round the site as this was my first post,

love claire x x x x

Although some of your symptoms seem right for pregnancy - It really is too soon for you to be getting them, The tiredness comes at about 3-4 months. You usually get one dizzy spell at the beginning.. The sickness is usually after about 3 months... It's only been a month since your last period.. and it usually takes a while to get pregnant once you come off the pill. Good luck anyway

Hi I was on the pill for 4 years i stopped taking it 2 years ago, me and my Hubby have not yet concieved but good luck 2 u.

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