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Mads | 20:50 Tue 07th Mar 2006 | Parenting
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Sorry for being a bit long-winded...but...

Recently my partner was contacted by the CSA about possibly being the father of a child born in '94...he's going along with their requests for information and is currently waiting to have a DNA done.

In the meantime, my curiousity got the better of me and I decided to obtain a copy of this child's birth certificate. To my surprise there was a named father on this birth certificate and it's not my partner!

I presume the "named father" had to have been there to register the birth with the mother (birth certificate has them down as unmarried).

As this was in 1994 and we're only being told of it now, where does my partner stand should be found to be the real father of this child.

Would the birth certificate be changed accordingly?

Would the CSA have had the "named father" from the birth certificate tested first?

If anyone can help with information on this I'd be very grateful...




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I dont think you can change a birth certificate once it has been issued. If there is a guys name on it, then he must have been there when the child was registered, unless he is married to the mother. They wont test the "named" father and I ALMOST positive that they cant force your partner to have a test. Does he want this child to be his?

Court ordered my ex to have a DNA test. The mother's ex-husband was named as the father on the birth certificate but my ex was discovered to be the biological father. He was forced to pay by the CSA.

I was in a similar boat to you a few years ago. I had just married my husband and he got hit by the CSA.He was led to believe by his ex partner that the child in question was not his and another mans name was on the bitrh certificate as his father.My husband was told by the CSA that he would have to have DNA.The results came back that he was the father of this child and he has been paying CSA for the last 7 yrs but has had no contact. My husband has chosen not to have contact with the child as we have a family and he is not ready to explain the past. Right or wrong?, only time will tell.My advice to you is to be strong for your partner as it will be very strange for him to take in that he has had a child for 12 yrs and not known.I felt as if my world had fallen apart when this happend to us,but you get thorough it.What really makes me cross is the fact that some women dont think of the concequences of their actions ! good luck to you both

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So sorry for not replying sooner...things have been busy of late!

Thanks to all who took time to reply.

Latest is that we're waiting for DNA company to contact us about having the test done. Talk about dragging this out!

We'll await the post...

Cheers all

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