Recipes / tips for healthy snacks / light meals for mum with hands full

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stoo_pid | 16:57 Tue 21st Feb 2006 | Parenting
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(I've posted this here as well as the Food & Drink section in case there are any breast-feeding mum's that have any ideas.)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to healthy snacks or light meals I can prepare for my wife to have while I'm at work? Ideally I'd like to freeze them so they can be easily reheated in the microwave.

The reason I ask is, Mrs Pid is currently breast-feeding our lovely but permanently hungry 2 month-old baby boy and the problem is she rarely gets enough time to herself to actually make herself lunch. As a result she tends to end up snacking on unhealthy things like biscuits, cream crackers etc.

We're both veggies (although my wife will eat fish) & I had prepared a freezer-full of casseroles, stews etc that she could just pop in the microwave but it turns out that most of the ingredients gave our poor lad severe colic.

Any clever ABers have any ideas for things that are tasty, healthy, meat-free and easy to eat one-handed..?!


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yuo could freeze a whole batch of ratatouilee ( mushrooms courgettes, aubergine , peppers, etc. in a tomato based sauce, add oregano for taste but steer clear of garlic and onions as these upset baby) She can pop a jacket potato in the microwave or quickly cook a packet of cous cous ( takes a couple of mins) and add lots of cheese on top( you can even buy this pre grated0. You can also add lentils, kidney beans or plain old baked beans to the ratatouille for extra protein.
Hope Mum and baby are doing well, wish I had had such a lovely partner when i had my bubbas!!
You might want to invest in the book "veggie food for kids" for 1-5 years old over 100 recipes, really easy to make all can be frozen, it my bible my children and i are veggies but my husband isnt but he loves the food in it.written by Sara Lewis it is about �8.99 but only �6.99 on
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Recipes / tips for healthy snacks / light meals for mum with hands full

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