Holidays with a baby. Advice and ideas needed please....

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Poppy | 21:20 Sun 05th Feb 2006 | Parenting
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We want to go away at the beginning of May at which point our baby will be 5 months old. He's our first baby and we're nervous about taking him away. We would like to go to a resort and hotel which is extremely baby friendly without compromising on the area and atmosphere. We really don't favour huge high rise type hotels and don't like the sort of resorts which are frequented by the 18-30 style of holiday maker (hope I don't sound snobby here). I'd like to be near the sea (or maybe a Lake), where it's nice and warm without being hot, plenty to see and do but chilled at the same time. Most importantly though it has to be BABY friendly! Am I asking too much? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. the way..we want to spend �800 at the very, very most. HELP us please. I need something to look forward to as although I'm loving being a new Mum loads I'd like to imagine a spell away from this weird sleepless, nappy ridden existence (or at least have the same existence but in a more beautiful and warmer setting!) Cheers. Katya.


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Hi Poppy

I know exactly what you are going through! I took my daughter to Florida when she was just 5 months old and panicked like mad! My health visitors advice was dont panic, the younger you take them the better,and you have to remember that they do have babies abroad too! We did a fly drive and just stopped as and where we fancied staying. It was a great holiday. As long as you remember to keep him covered from the sun and use sun cream he will be absolutely fine. Florida is a long haul flight and you have to think about whether you will be comfortable on a long haul flight with baby sat on your lap. Majorca is another option I would take. The flight is not soo long and its not so hot there. As for hotels I would shop around for child friendly places to stay. Just a couple of ideas but hope this helps. Have a great holiday wherever you decide to go and if you have any further questions about it please ask. I'll be glad to help if i can. x

Any of the Meditteranean countries are really child friendly, we love Italy and Greece particularly for this. We went to Crete when our youngest son was a few weeks old and really had a great time (we also had our 5 year old daughter and our other kids with us) found the hotel very child friendly and the locals likewise. Don't worry about travelling with them very young, we lug our kids all over the place and they love it, just stay chilled, organised and have fun:)
I took my 6 year old and my 7 week old baby (and husband!) to Centerparcs. It was brilliant. Loads to do, lovely setting and EXTREMELEY baby-friendly. I could even nip off and feed my baby in special rooms provided with comfy chair etc. We are going back at Easter we enjoyed it so much. Look it up - there is a web-site full of details. And there are various Centerparcs up and down the country.
I would go to your local travel agency and ask there advice cause im sure they have had this situation before but may might not be the best time to go it could be a little to hot! Plenty of cream!
Kermia Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus is just wonderful. Been there with two kids. Loved it. The staff is really friendly with kids. Cypriots are just love small children.
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Thanks for your help everyone. In the end we chose to go to Majorca (the nice bit!!) because our local airport flies there and it's not too hot in April. Cheers.

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Holidays with a baby. Advice and ideas needed please....

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