Removing the fathers name off your childs Birth cerificate

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honeyhelen | 13:40 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Parenting
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how can i remove my sons father from his birth certificate? He has nothing to do with my son, nor provided for him since he was born in feb 03


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I can appreciate the anger that you feel at your son's father, but this is not an appropriate response.

Your son's birth certific ate is just that - his birth certificate, not a forum for you to exprcise your own feelings at his father's actions, or rather lack of them.

I'm pretty sure you can't alter registration information after completion, but in any case, your son deserves to have complete documentation about his birth, for his own future use.

Acknowledgement of parenthood does not begin and end with registrtation of birth - my two older daughters both have their father's name on their certificates, but they know who their Dad is - and so do I, a piece of paper appropriate at the time doesn't change that.

Can fully understand where you are coming from, i have a son born oct 03 and the father just likes to stick his oar in where it isnt wanted, he runs from the csa and so for the past 2yrs i have brought my son up on my own and with out a pennys help from the ratbag.

Despite this, and my feelings of anger, nobody can take away who my sons father is, and i would rather have a name on the certificate than no name at all.

You also have to remember that however angry we feel over this that our children have no concept on whats going on, and in future you never know but contact may comeabout and a relationship be formed with the dad...who knows....In that case wouldnt it be in the interest of the child to have the name on certificate?

The father of my son really has no interest in his son, he appears on the scene when things arnt going right in his life, so therfore we get used. he has paid about �200 totally over last 2 yrs and doesnt even know if his son can talk yet or not. Grrrrrr.....but hey, move on and forget the loosers!

can only agree with the above honeyhelen. even if you could legally remove his name from the birth certificate, you can't wipe out the fact that he is the boy's dad, and your son may one day want to know his name, or his family history etc as his dad is part of him, whether that's difficult for you or not. take care. x
I doubt you can remove his details. I don't believe a mother is obliged to put the father's name on the document when she registers the birth, but once it is there, I imagine the only way to remove it would be DNA evidence that proves he isn't the father. If he is the father, I think you are stuck with a legal document that may give him certain rights. Whether he takes any responsibility is another matter, sadly.
If the mother was the bad parent (it's rare but not unheard of) would the father have a hope of getting her name off the certificate - of course not - why should it be any different for dads?
I think he above posts are excellent answers and say it all really. But to the answer the question straight and to the point.... No, you cant remove his name
Yep honeyhelen - none of those responses I am sure you wanted to hear, but they're all completely right. At the end of the day, he is biologically your son's father no matter what happens between the two of you and he has every right to know who is dad is. Sorry.

Agree with all that has been said .. and bear in mind that things can change ... even years later he may change and realise what he has and regret his actions, particularly if he is quite young. Even if he never changes, he is part of your son's life and it is best to let him at least think that it was circumstances beyond his control that stopped him seeing his son, rather than he just wasn't interested, rather than telling your son that he has a father that doesn't care. That would be the really loving thing to do.

sorry to be harsh and blunt - but FOR GODS SAKE!! dont be so selfish. ok you dont get on with the childs father. but he is the childs father still, whether you love him, like him or even know him! imagine it was your father. imagine you grew up and had no male name on your birth certificate. thats just not fair on your child to just make half his history a mystery.

oh, and i don't think it is possible to remove a name anyway.

my sons fathers name isnt on his birth certificate, we split when i was pregnant, his father has never been involved in his life and my son has never asked for his birth cetificate.

nowadays the birth certificates are so small and have no info on them anyway like mine does. if you did get it removed, which i doubt you can, i wouldnt blame you, if hes a crap dad why on earth should he have any right to your son later in life. youre the one doing the hard graft now bringing him up on your own. good luck in wotever you choose to do.

im in the same boat... i wanted to get his name off as well... hes done nothing for her..i consider him as a sperm donar.... i need questions answered too.. ive been her mother and father... if anything my name should be in both places!
I am a man and I also want to remove my name from both of the girls that I had with this woman, I just want to forget about everything and consider them both as kids that were made on the lab because even though I have made all my efforts to be a part of their life as the biological father that I am... the mother has been a total COW and I've had enough. Is it possible to remove my familly name from their birth certificate even though they are mine?

Ps: no offence nobody.
are everyone seems to be digging at this poor lady, if a man is providing for his child or being a FATHER then why should he owe the privillage of being on the birth certificate, and visa versa if it was the mum.
none of us know the cercunstances behind the split and i believe that if theres violenece involved or the father/mother hasnt been involved for a number of years then they should have the right to be removed after all to be a father/mother you have to be in the childs life. :)
so a lot of u r saying we as women r meant to just deal with the day to day goings on as well as r ex partners c**p. whilst the selfishness of the male sex who a lot of do not except responsibility for an innocent child. i think tht if they choose to not help in the childs life in any shape or form then we have at least the right to remove their parental responsibility from them. maybe not removing their name but being able to take sole parental responsibility for how we bring up our child / children. as they say mother knows best.
yes im furious at my ex but all i want is to b able to bring my boy up with no added stress of worrying wat my ex can mess up for me next through the fact of him having parental responsibility. my ex doesnt no my lil boy n nor is he pulling his finger out to no him. he's just pulling his finger out to annoy me n cause me hassle which is the last thing a mum needs. but i suppose at the end of the day he gave me the most precious thing in my life. its so hard for women. n men just dont get wat we have to deal with , tht we get use to dealing with because they wont do it.
My children's father was a violent drunk and i do not want him or his selfish family any where near my children. Not now or in the future. My children would be devastated if they knew the truth. I am mother and father to my children and I have worked 40 hours a week with no help as I have no family. His family are millionaires & they have never bothered. Shame on them! Not a penny or even a xmas present. How dare all of you call this lady selfish. What you have to do is go to a family court and ask for the name to be removed as the child has been abandoned. You have to explain the reasons and submit any evidence. If they agree they will then give you a court order to take to the registra who will adjust the certificate for you. Some judges wont if the man is the biological father but it is possible for them to do this. If they don't, just go for sole parental responsibility instead. It has just the same powers as removing the name off the birth certificate.. I don't know about you though but id like the ratbags name gone full stop. You all think its selfish I know but if you'd been at the receiving end of domestic violence for 5 years im sure you'd feel the same. I agree kids should know who their father's are really. But i cant bear them finding out what's happened to me and them. x Fingers crossed for you x

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Removing the fathers name off your childs Birth cerificate

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