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boona | 10:33 Sat 12th Nov 2016 | Parenting
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Hi folks, my daughter is nearly 7yrs old and mixed race. On Wed she came home from school and told me her friends cousin who is in Reception told my daughter she did not like her. My daughter said she told her she didnt like her and wanted to kill her. She then got a few friends to chase my daughter around the playground to "kill her" obviously I found this concerning but I just told my girl to play with her own friends and this girl was just being silly. Last night my daughter told me she asked this girl why she didn't like her and the girl said because she is brown. This made me feel really sad and angry and my first thought was too mention it to school and that they should speak to this girls parents about this. I am now wondering if I am over reacting or not and if I should mention it or not to school?


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yes you should. Bullying whatever the basis or insult is never acceptable and especially not in primary school.
If nothing is done then it's no good for your daughter and for the offender to think such behavior is acceptable or goes unremarked or unpunished.
Definitely speak to the head teacher about this. All schools have anti-bullying policies in place but can only enforce them if they know about it. Good luck.
Speak to the parents if you can. I really didn't think children nowadays could see any difference between white and brown, but obviously they still do.

You are not over-reacting. Try talking to the parents first, then a teacher.
Except parents can be very hostile when their child is criticised.
deffo speak to school ..they can have an educational assembly with all pupils about bullying/racism without targeting specific pupils and causing further probs for her
I think rather than get the school to speak individually to the prejudiced child it might be a good idea to mention that the school has a problem and maybe they should teach classes generally that all are equally valued individuals and imply there can be no reason to treat one differently to the other for invalid reasons.

Skin colour is not the only thing kids pick on: they can be cruel. Anything that makes someone different is seized upon.
Ah I now see Minty has said much the same.
great minds OG xx
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Hi, I thought about speaking to her parents but I feel the right way would be for school to deal with it. I would perhaps speak to the parents if I knew them well but I don't even know who they are.
boona..I'd leave it to school..playground gate politics very complicated..good luck x
Children don't 'see' black or white. It's the ignorant parents. I would let the school try and sort it out first. ( Good idea Minty) You're just as likely be met with hostility from parents and will most likely make things worse.
egnore the bad praise the good
what on earth has that got to do with the question?

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