Teen Smow Starts Work Today.... Shame I Couldn't See Him

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Smowball | 14:06 Mon 05th Sep 2016 | Parenting
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Well despite my efforts he decided to stay at his dad's and last week was offered an apprenticeship as an electrician, going to college one day a week and working the other four. He will be working for a company that makes the lodges for holiday parks and he had an induction day where he saw them being made from the first cut of wood to the fully finished lodge. Hate to say it but he sounds as though he is looking forward to it. Always assumed I'd see him off on his first day but things don't always work out as you plan do they.... I've accepted it now and we chat almost every day , and nxt week is his birthday so am going to go up and see him. But I know where he is and he is safe/warm/fed and got a job already so hopefully it will all work out for him. Good luck today young smow, and you never know, if I ever need an electrician....... : )


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That's super news, Smow. It sounds like he's headed in the right direction...all down to your guidance no doubt.
Ps...meant to should be very proud of him.
Great news.

Smow...My daughter went to live with her dad years ago and our relationship has got stronger and stronger since.
You've got to let them go to keep them xxx
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Thanks pasta/ummmm. I'd like to think I've kept him grounded and helped him pass his exams etc with support, but ultimately he clearly just feels he needs his biological dad at the moment. He is cycling 7-8 miles a day so maybe the countryside just suits him more .
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Very true helly
Smow..I guess this is the best result from a very tricky situation least he's going to continue his education and as you say, he's housed and fed and not tying to live on the street.

You've managed to keep the lines of communication open and his attitude will change once he gets a feel for earning a living himself, so well done you, thats quite an achievement...good luck xx
A apprenticeship with day release to college is an excellent way to work and learn at the same time. It's how I started. I did 4 days work and 1 day and an evening a college studying to be a laboratory technician. That went on to me doing a degree in Industrial chemistry 9 years all by day release.
Far better than University in my opinion, for a start you get paid and the employer pays all you college fees!
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Ahh thanks seekers.
EDDIE yes I think you're right. I really don't think he would have enjoyed studying daily for two years to get A levels - he was desperate to start earning his own money and also learn so maybe this is the best way all round.
Yes it was far more common when I left school , everyone did it. There were courses for printing and bookbinding near me a lot of my school mate went on them as we had 3 large printing firms in the town. There were engineering courses as there were 3 big engineering companies, I was the only one to do lab work though.
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Did you stay in that field job wise EDDIE?
He'll find his way in the world Smow, better he makes his own choices along that road.
Smow - credit to Teen Smow for making a decision which sounds sensible. And credit to Mum Smow for supporting it. It WILL all work out in the end.

I know it is early days but your son sounds like he is going to be very successful in whatever he does. There he is at college one day and the 4 working. Definitely a worker and a high achiever
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Thankyou Mamya, barmaid and JJ x
Smow . I stayed in Lab work until I got made redundant at the age of 58, 8 years ago. Now I work for an agency mainly in pro kitchens as a 'porter' (washer up) or catering assistant . Laboratory work took me to Zambia and Saudi Arabia to work and lived 3 years in each place.
A good sparkie is never out of work and they can command a lot of money in the right positions.
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Interesting places to work EDDIE.
I hope so Randy - just spoke to him after his 1st day and he's shattered lol

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Teen Smow Starts Work Today.... Shame I Couldn't See Him

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