How Did You Parents Get Your Child To Sleep?

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Dreamsandlove | 03:09 Mon 08th Aug 2016 | Parenting
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A - put it down crying


B - hold in arms to cry?

I've posted a similar type of question. Well aware. Just want to know what's the most popular way that worked for others.


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Prudie - the first thing I did when I got home was get the dummy out. Such a stress saver. All mine had dummies and guess what? Nothing is wrong with their teeth and they don't take it to the pub with them....
Mine too Ummmmmm. A life saver for sure .
Some babies won't take them and I feel sorry for those parents :-)
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I'm so sorry OG looks like you wasn't having a pop at me. I do apologise I've had a bad night and thought you was meaning I'd done something wrong. So sorry
That's ok. I like to tease ummmm as she keeps leaving these irresistible feed lines :-)

BTW I'm fairly sure the anesthetics would work ;-)
The problem with dummies is that they fall out and need putting back in. If the baby is very young he/she can't put it back in so the parent has to get up about six times a night. I would try to do without one at bedtime if I were to have another child.
I always found a rubber hammer worked.
Do a bit of reasearch on "baby-wearing". Crying it out (in my opinion) should be an absolute last resort and should not even be considered at such a young age. Poor baby is still trying to adjust to being out of the comfy womb. Join up to netmums or babyandbump forums for some great and varied advice and opinions. i spent so much time holding / carrying / laying with my baby girl, it IS all consuming. She is nearly 4 now and I miss having her physically so close. She's got a proper little attitude now and will argue and hit me, I long for the easy cuddly days. Try to enjoy it, everything else can wait and nothing else is more important.
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How Did You Parents Get Your Child To Sleep?

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