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bednobs | 22:27 Wed 20th Jul 2016 | Parenting
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hi i have a child starting schoo in september. From experience, how many bits of uniform will she actually need? how many tops? how many skirts/shorts etc? I know it will depend on how much washing i'll be doing but i just want someone with experience (preferbly recent!) to tell me what they did


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My grand kids have two of each item one in the wash one to wear.
They grow out of them so quickly it is not worth buying more. They get the day's clothes washed each evening when they go to bed .
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blimey, i don't really want to be washing every day i guess
My granddaughters have 2 of everything except sports kit (1) - but ****** grandson needs 1 extra of everything because he is so mucky and unreliable about bringing stuff home. Boys! (In 20 yrs. time someone will be saying 'Men!')
I'd say :

3 Tops
2 Sweatshirts (if worn)
2 Skirts
1 of each sports wear.
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do people make skirts last more than 1 day usually?
If you can yes , 2/3 depends on how dhe goes.
she, sorry.
My children have three skirts/trousers, the youngest have four polo shirts (they come in packs of two), the eldest have three (because they are SO expensive).(I work on a one on, one in the wash/drying and one ready for the next day system). The girls have two cardigans but the boys have one proper school jumper each. If you work, I would get get five polo shirts, five skirts/trousers and two cardigans/ jumpers' one set of pe kit, long socks, tights, and short socks for summer. My kids stay in their uniform when they get home so have clean uniform everyday and I iron it all.
Nice to see you where.
*** sher.
Thanks :)
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Long time ago, but I had 2 pairs trousers, 5 shirts, 2 sweatshirts and 2 lots of gym stuff for the son-and-heir.
I always made him change out of his uniform when he came home from school.

I bought big, but not huge sizes for 'growth'.
The school stuff I bought then dried overnight so no problems with washing.
What's ironing?

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