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stoo_pid | 14:43 Wed 10th Aug 2005 | Parenting
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Has anyone here used the Amby baby hammock?

I've found a few independent reviews myself but still undecided.  Anyone have any comments (positive or negative)?


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never tried one, but it looks fantastic, i would buy one for our next baby, they are in a more natural position for a start which should make them feel more secure.
we are using the amby for our son steven who is now 7 months old, It is the only bed he has ever slept in and the amazing thing was that he was sleeping through the night from about 5 weeks unlike our daughter millie who was a nightmare to get to sleep. I would say that the natures nest was definatley our best buy
ooh definitley getting one! how much are they by the way?
yes i used the Natures Nest for two of my three children and it was fantastic, when I heard friends talking of sleepless nights and their babies not settling mine both slept through the night very early on and were more content when they woke fantastic and with the recent talks regarding flat head syndrome, this bed really helps

My sisters baby was a terrible sleeper so she tried this, other than the car seat this was the only thing that would settle her, she looked so cute in it too !

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Baby hammock

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