is it okay for a 1 year old to still sleep in parents bedroom

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starlight1992 | 07:44 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Parenting
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is it okay for a child of 1 year old (13 months) to still share a room with his parents or should he have his own room?

i am on the list to be housed and have been snice a year before my son was born but i am yet to get a place and i feel that with me share a room with my son isnt doing him any good as i do not sleep well and i have woke up a few times as my rooms on small and the cot only fits in my room if i have it right next to my bed.

any help will great help



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If you don't have space, it has to be OK - and in some cultures it's perfectly normal for several people to sleep in the same room. It's only when the child gets older (IMO) that it ought to have its own space.
I can't imagine it would do him any harm. He has his own bed so it's not like you have to have him in yours. In years gone by 3 or 4 kids used to have to share a bed never mind a room and as far as I know it didn't do them any lasting damage. It sounds as if it's probably bothering you more than it's bothering him.
Im sure it wont be a problem for the child but if you are thinking in respect of council housing then when the child reaches a certain age, (not sure what that is) then you will get more points that will push you up the list further.
I used to be a Housing Allocations Officer and my Council's policy was that, when calculating overcrowding points, a child under 2 sharing with a parent didn't count as lacking a bedroom. As others have said, in some cultures it is perfectly acceptable for the family to share a single bedroom with children older than yours. It might not be ideal for you, but there's nothing 'not okay' about it.
You dont have a choice do you?I wouldnt worry about it.
If it is council i was on the waiting list 7yr and that was sharing a bed with my daughter!!
could you not have a temporary bed in the lounge, maybe a folding cot, that you could move him into when you go to bed. Or maybe a bedsettee, so the parents can sleep in the lounge.

I slept for many years in the lounge, in this way, as we did not have enough bedrooms, in fact it is only very recently that I have my own bedroom, three of my adult children have now left home.
I believe that if he is still a baby, just turn one year and a month, that you could easily let him sleep in the same room, as long as he has it's own bed. I know from other parents (I don't have kids yet) that is better for them to feel safe. So still in the same room with parents is okay, just make sure he sleeps in his bed, it will give him more self confidence, when growing up.
put the cot in the living room! or you sleep there. i shared one room (a bedsit) as a living space for five years before we were housed (me, hubby and son), so i think you have a long way to go. if you do have a lounge - use it and get some proper sleep.
I personally would have absolutely no problems with my child being in the same room as me. Same bed might be another matter. My late husband was one of 7 and they all lived in a two roomed house with a shared toilet on the stairs. Not something we'd want these days, but didn't seem to do them any harm.
of course it's ok!
I, agree with kassie make a temporary bedroom for him in lounge. You both need your own space.
If you have two floors then it would be better to have him asleep safely upstairs and you make up a bed each night downstairs in the lounge.

If its a flat or single storey then it makes not much difference, but sleep seperately if you can for both of your sakes.

Go along to the council offices and ask how far up or down the list you are and explain how uncomfortable it is. Probably won't make much difference but worth a trip there every few months.
Of course its okay. Try being my friend who has a partner, 14 yr old daughter, 5 year old son and a one year old son who all live in a two bedroomed flat. The fourteen year old and five year old share a room while the one year old is in their bedroom and the council thinks that thats normal!! She has been waiting to be rehoused since she was pregnant with the five year old!! Be prepared for a long wait.
What about people who own their own houses but can't afford to upsize? If they want more children then the kids will have to share.
It's not harming him, but you, poor thing sound like you need sleep! If you're able to get a bigger place go for it!
Yes it is not against the law work anything right so they can sleep I a parents room as long as they need to it is up to them but try to have him in the room with them for a week then out then do months than finally do nothing just in that room by him or herself
No school today Lizi?
...and as you are only 10, do you have much experience to offer on Starlight's question?
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fair point Ummmmmm xx

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is it okay for a 1 year old to still sleep in parents bedroom

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