Weaning off dummy????!

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someonesgirl | 15:50 Tue 07th Feb 2012 | Parenting
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I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. They both have dummys. Mainly to sleep but if the youngest is upset in the day he asks for it as a cuddle and blanket diesnt suffice. Ive never been a dummy prude and didnt see a problem with letting them have one, as babies it was the only thing that let me get enough sleep so they were soothed when they werent hungry for milk. Particularly now oldest is 4 i want her off her dummy now for teeth reasons and for her to grow up a bit, as she uses it to get attention also. Weve tried dummy fairy and talking about other kids her age that dont have a dummy, but she keeps waking up and crying all night without it and is very dependant on it to get her off to sleep. Ive incorporated it into the reward chart, she gets extra stars if she can sleep without it but nothings wprked so far. I feel bad making her go cold turkey but i know its something i shouldve nipped ib the bud a long time ago but being a single mother anything for a less stressful life! Any suggestions?!


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My niece had problems with her teeth because she was allowed to have one for far too long.
With my eldest I asked him to leave his out for Santa so another baby could have it. Have you got anything coming up in your familywhich might make her want to give it away. It wasn't easy, he did girn for a few days but quickly settled. He was 1 1/2.
I remember a friend years ago saying she dapped on a bit of chilli sauce on the dummy and that did the trick! Sounds harsh but I guess it worked for her.
I was a dummy dependent child. My mother tried various ways and means to get me off it but nothing worked until we had a relative visit.

I don't know for sure but I think I was a similar age to your daughter, my Mum sat me down and talked to me about being a big grown up girl and impressing the visiting relly. Part of being a grown up is not having a dummy and was it not time I gave it up. The vanity of a four year old kicked in and I have a memory of going to the front gate and actually handing the dummy to the bin men. Proper rite of passage stuff!!!

Good luck!
Please don't get stressed about it - she will quite probably suddenly decide she's old enough to manage without it. You could still have teeth problems if she goes on to sucking her thumb instead. Just be relaxed about it, and don't listen to anyone else. You're her mum, you know her, and if she's distressed leave it. You could perhaps try again in a month or so. I wish I had been more relaxed about bringing up my two daughters. Enjoy your children, they grow up so quickly xx
I'm afraid you've got to be cruel to be kind. You will both suffer for a while but it will be worth it. allot a special day when you all can go out together
(the fairy's want their dummy's back) Make it a special day, take ALL her dummie's and together throw them away "no keeping one back just in case"
let her see they've all gone Tell her the fairy's will reward her (a gift under her pillow) stick to it you've got to be strong for her.

Good Luck

They had exactly this problem on Supernanny a while ago. What she did was tell the children that as they were such big boys and girls now, the new babies needed the dummies. Then then went out to the garden and I cant remember if they buried the dummies or tied them to a tree, but they were left for the dummy fairy to take that night. Then they were rewarded with a special cup each. Maybe something along those lines might work. The children were praised for giving their dummies to the little babies who didnt have one etc.....
A 4 year old still with a dummy? That ain't right, it's just the easy way out for mothers who don't have the patience to pacify their child themselves
It would be very hard to make the 4 year give up their dummy if the 2 year still has theirs. I gave all of my children dummies and they gave them up when they were ready. Thing 1 and thing 2 still have theirs. It is not 'the easy way out' and I think it is incredibly rude to say so. I agree with the op, sometimes it is anything for less stressful life.
Agree with Sherr, if you're going the cold turkey route I suggest doing both of them at the same time, otherwise you'll probably notice the elder taking the youngest one's out of their mouth.
.....or just don't give them dummies in the first place, it's not mandatory
I know it's not mandatory, it worked to settle my children (who were all breastfed and wouldn't have left me alone otherwise) and they were a god-send when I had thing 1 and thing 2. Each to his own - I take it you didn't give a dummy to any of your children (if you have any)?
Everyone should do what I done. I went on holiday and my kids stayed with my sister. I came back to a dummy free house. Easy as that :-)
3 kids, no dummies, patient wives who saw to crying babies until they went to sleep
Well done them Joe!!!
It's what mothers do ummmm
4 kids, 5 grandchildren (I think!) dummies.
Bloody awful things dummies and the kids look stupid with them.
Joeluke - I bet they would have given their eye-teeth to have been able to give them a dummy!
Personally, I'd rather have a pacified child.
My kids have them either - first never needed one and the second refused one......and a bottle - he sucked on his sheets instead - not so easy to take away but a bit kinder to the teeth.

Id go for both at the same time, or do the little one first and shame the elder into giving it up :o)

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