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tartwitahart | 21:14 Mon 18th Apr 2005 | Parenting
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why are parents so anoying they always worry about you and kiss you and tell jokes that arent funny and its soooooo embarassing cant they just leve us alone???


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What an odd question?  I can only asume this is a joke if not you need help. Maybe when your slightly more mature you will re think this.
It's called a 'Generation Gap', If describes a vast difference in cultural norms between a younger generation and their elders.

It is a parents role in life to be embarrassing to their children.  It takes considerable effort to dance quite so badly, for example, and it is best when it is in front of all your friends.

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probably because they love you
It's payback for spending your fist few years keeping them up all night, and waking them up at 6.00am at the weekends.

Imagine having a parent that didn't care if you turned up from school, never showed you they loved you, don't bother talking or having fun with you and couldn;t care less - I think you would rather have your parents because believe me, the ones i just described are real.

Just wait till your in your mid twenties like me and take your parents out and embarress them back. All in good fun though.
Plus believe it or not my mom was one of those embarressing parents too but when I got older all my friends told me they thought she was the funnest out of all our parents to hang out with. go figure.
You never understand a parents love until you have children...
for the same reason teenagers suddenly go Kevin and annoy the hell out of their parents
I am constantly telling my daughter that I love her ( though she is currently only 2 1/2) but I will always tell her that - I want to make sure she knows it.

My mum never told me that she loved me and though I am sure that she did love me, she never actually said it ..... and we weren't a close or loving family. I am 33 now and lost my mum suddenley to cancer just over 2 years ago when my only daughter was just 5 weeks old. I really wish I had heard those words from my mum's lips. Its horrible losing a parent - I've never know anything hurt so much for so long.

Don't be embarrassed by what your parents do. Be thankful for it... because one day it will be what you hang on to, to happily remember your parents by when they are gone.
parents may be embarrassing but it shows they love u enough to try be involved even if they do make a show of themselves! theres always some kid in a corner wishing their mum or dad cared enough to be a fool around them instead of showing no interest at all. dont be embarrassed, be proud. yr parents will always be there for u when u need them and i bet yr not too embarrassed to ask them for a loan when uv no money?
I lost my Mum almost 2 years ago now, and I don't think I'll ever get over the loneliness that I feel now.  I'll be 40 next month, and I'm married with a child of my own, but even so the emptiness is stll overwhelming sometimes.  Make the most of your parents while you have them - believe me, you'll miss them when they're gone.

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