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parkerwayne | 14:26 Sat 16th Apr 2005 | Parenting
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i concived both my children with in two months of being off the pill one is now 5 and the second is 2 i am trying again but this will be my third period why is it taking so long my period is 5 days late but test says im not pregnant is this noramal


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i think you were just very lucky with your first two. Really three months isn't any time at all - although i know it feels like it. Fretting about whether or not you are pregnant each month could play havoc with your cycle. Believe me - I've been there! Tried for seven years for my second, with heartbreak every month. We finally decided to forget it - I came to terms with it and hey presto! baby number two! (And baby number three two years later!!) best of luck to you x
yes its normal to not have a period after finishing the pill, i have had lots of trouble for the last few yrs, i was on the pill and kept not havin a peroid, so i came off the pill and i didnt have 1 again, i have spend loads of money on pregnancy kits all to find out im not pregnant, the doctor says its normal. so now im off the pill and giving my body a rest from it......if ur not sure then go n see ur doctor

Hi, you could be pregnant even though the preg kit says you're not. Its still early days yet. Its only 5 days since you missed your period.U should generally wait 7-14 days to be sure. Try testing again in a week.

Good luck xxx

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