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lonedad | 00:11 Sun 19th Jul 2009 | Family Life
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I am the resident parent to my 2 year old daughter. My daughters mother has yet another new boyfriend. I have asked her not to allow him around our daughter until she gets to know him better etc etc.
I have found out that when she has had her for the weekend that not only has she ignored my wishes but she has also had him there to stay while my daughter has stayed there.
Have I a right to request this? I dont think its unreasonable as this is what I would do myself.


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I don't think your request unreasonable.
However,I also do not think you have any way of legally (or otherwise) enforcing it.
You CAN request it,but she does not have to take any notice of your request.
We have 4 children and 6 Grandchildren,so Ido have some experience of such situations.
i can fully understand where your comming from as when me and my ex split up i requested that he did the same but as per usual he done what he wanted to and that was that. Morally she is in the wrong but legally shes not, sorry xxx
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Thanks both. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt being unreasonable.
hi lonedad, i was only thinking about you this morning!
How did the court case go?
Thanks for that
Introducing new partners is a potential minefield. It is natural that children find this difficult and the other parent worries about a new man/woman entering their children's lives.

However, from the legal POV each parent has Parental Responsibility and how the children are to spend their time during contact and who with is a decision that can be taken independently without any consultation or notification to the other parent.
I actually think that it is a bit unreasonable to tell her who she can and can't have around your daughter. Can you imagine how you would feel if if she said that to you? I imagine you would feel like she was trying to control you and stop you moving on with your life - I'm not saying thats what your doing just thats probably how she feels. Just cos you are the parent with custody doesn't mean you can tell her how everything has to be.

Don't get me wrong - if it was me I wouldn't introduce someone new until I was pretty sure they would be sticking around. I also think that seperated parents should be able to be grown up enough to be amicable and when children are small to introduce new partners to the other parent (I know it's not that easy in reality though). Its clearly not the best thing to have people coming and going from her life frequently but all you can do is make sure that you are mre sensible and provide a stable environment for her when shes with you.

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