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Jeffju | 11:54 Fri 31st Oct 2008 | Family Life
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Has anyone tried to reclaim Child Tax Credits from this Agency?


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Yes, me and my wife eventually did it. But it took about 12 months all because of one ticked box in error. I don't know if this is the same situation your in, but it's a waiting game as with any government office. :(
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Yes I've been waiting a fair time now! Glad you were successful though - its nice to get something back for a change!
IF YOU CONTACT THE REVENUE DIRECTLY VIA your PAYE code or your UTR you can claim, and check the claim for FREE .
These people make u fill in the 64/8 and the PAYEE slip - so they get your cheque, and then take a commission and then send you the difference.
Revenue will send you ALL THE MONEY !!


HMRC Website is the Government.
These guys are a Limited Company- Government Office can't be a limited company !!
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Yes, I found this out too late. Not being very familiar with 'tax etc.' I thought the only way to get this would be through the Agency and because I had signed the form the Revenue couldn't back track for me!

I have had the money back now, but the Entitlements Agency have taken a cut for doing nothing! Felt really mad at myself but I just didn't know I could get this money back anyway, the Tax Office doesn't advertise it - only the Entitlements Agency - thats how I made the mistake.

They are thieves basically.
Please be warned this agency is not a government agency! It's a private company trying to mislead people into believing it's connected to the government. If it was it would have a web address!
Don't do it go to download form 11CTC and claim yourself!! They are not a Government Agency
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I've noticed the Entitlements Agency is even advertised on this Answer Bank page if you go into the 'HMRC Owe You �1048' below in red.

It clicks onto a Tax Credits website but you will see at the bottom of the page 'Entitlements Agency' - dont have anything to do with them. Its too late for me I lost about �95 - not a fortune but a lot of money to me!

Go straight to the Government Website to claim.
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Sorry, it will be above these answers!!
i dont understant what the problem is. they brought it to your attention. they processed it then took a fee that you agreed to at the outset.

seems fair to me!

would you call a taxi driver a thief because hes charged to take you somewhere that you could have walked yourself. no

I have just found this website but wish i'd known about it before. I too completed the forms from the Entitlements Agency website and posted them off on 18/11/08 but haven't heard a word back from them. I rang them a couple of times in the past 2 - 3 months and they just said I would hear in time. When I've rang today it simply says the date has past for claiming and to go onto the website which i did. This simply says that they'll get in touch only if your going to get a refund, however I still haven't had any confirmation that my claim was received. There is no telephone number that you can ring or anything. Judging by the comments on here it would seem like a waste of time contacting hmrc direct. I'm a single mum and have been since Jan 2000 so the money would be very useful. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do next?
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Try calling the Tax Credits helpline if you haven't heard anything from the Entitlements Agency. They did take months before I heard anything from the Agency so I think I would try that. They may give you another number to ring if they can't help. Don't give up, they are soon to chase us when they want money!

Good luck.
Yes unfortunatly I did and now they are not contactable. I am sure we were asked not to complete the form but to sign it only. Can anyone confirm this and does any one have a copy of the instructions on how to complete the form if so please could you email it to me at sherronmaiden@hotmail, thanks ..
I have reported them to Watch Dog as they appear to have misled people, it is also to late for us now to claim directly to tax office . The trading standards office are now looking into it, so please report them to watch dog for an investigation .
tax credits phone number are you daft? This isnt tax credits - its related to income tax and it is a tax rebate.
I have now had a call from the entitlements agency, and they have returned all my documentation. They have also discussed my claim with me . They assure me they will contact all of you in the next 6 months with info on your claims unfortunatly they would not give me a telephone number where they could be contacted.
I would never claim in this way again in the future, but at least they have now made contact !!!!
Hi, we filed a claim in early december 2008, we heard nothing at all, I phoned and got the answerphone message telling you to check the website which I did, it stated that only successfull applicants would be contacted. I just assumed I had been unsuccessful. THen yesterday I got a call from Entitlements agency saying my claim was declined, then they proceeded to try and get me to reclaim bank charges, overdraft fees, credit card charges etc and also stated that they could get me a tax refund and said someone would be in touch in approx 2 weeks. I agreed to this but was very wary and actually got a phone number which is 0845 2020808, I have still got the original letter somewhere telling you how to fill in the form, will find it out and email to anyone who would like a copy. I am wondering now if this company has claimed all this tax credit money back and are just telling everybody that they are unsuccessful and pocketing the money, how would we know if any refund was ever paid to them?
That is the phonenumber for their sister company you numpty.
may i also add that this has nothing to do with tax credits, it is income tax, they are two different things.
i tried since early november i have kept trying to get in contact please help wish i had thought twice about this how do we know there not keeping the money

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