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carron81 | 03:39 Tue 02nd Sep 2008 | Family Life
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i took early maternity
to cut a long story short -out of the blue the branch boss pulled me in for a meeting to ask if i would cover reception for3 months (basically whilst the receptionist moved onto a sales woman, getting higher wage company car.. etc & to see if she liked it (if not shed come back to reception) whilst i got paid less to do her job as receptionist than what she was on)
i said no becausei liked my job ,i was preggers and was suffering terrible morning sickness, so the last thing i wanted to do was face the public). thought it was all over. then got pulled in for another meeting, basically i had no choice. the worst thing was the hr lady and everyone were telling me to do it so i had no one to speak to. i was doing long hours with no breaks. on day the branch boss phoned the reception phone from his moby as i was running to be sick, i took longer than usual to answer the phone and i got a lecture, i was off once with morning sickness until the doctor signed me off. so i struggled into work for 5 months being sick 4/5 (lost over a stone in weight in the first few months of pregnancy)times a day and they knew how bad i was.
within the 3 months they took on someone else to do the job i was originally doing. they got my desk, job, everything.
i was annoyed but kept my mouth shut coz i was pregnant & stressed out enough without having a confrontation with everyone. my 3 months were up and i expected to go back to my job,they invented an admin job that was basically pointless. with no desk, phone the essentials for an admin job but i had to do it because of my maternity leave.
i dont want to do my made up job. my contract is for the job i should've been doing all along. they sent me a letter offering me the made up job and said id receive a contract. iv not got any contract which im glad as i still have my contract,signed, for my original job.
so now i wonder what i should do?


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write to them stating youu are satisfied with your current contract and do not wish to change post

Go to an equality employment agency to discuss your rights as a pregnant worker and how they have treated you
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thanks for that

it just makes me so mad now thinking what i put up with. but like i said at the time its not worth the stress on the baby so i just agreed and went along with everything even though i wanted to crack up . i did start to forward all emails on to my home email and i was advised at the time to take note

i asked my boss one day if i could start getting lunch breaks (as i was doing 10 hour days) he looked at me and asked why!!!!

luckily for me on of my friends started to cover the phones so i could get a 10 min break. she got sacked so my breaks didn't last long.

shes took them to court and won. dont know how much she was paid as they made her sign a privacy agreement or something like that. i don't know if i have the guts to take them that far but i know how they treated me was very wrong. my boss even gave me a row for eating at 8 in the morning when there was no customers. i just said if i dont eat i'l be sick

looking back i should've just been sick in front of everyone but i tried to hide it as much as i could and it done me no favours

so anyone out there suffering bad morning sickness and think there work might be funny just spew where you are. if i'd done that i probably would've have got rows for going to the toilet or asking for breaks
best way of dealing with folk like that is to respond to all they say in writing a keep a copy good luck most of all njoy motherhood
That sounds terrible! I would go to a CAB and they will put you in touch with people who can help you. Your boss sounds like a right a**hole!

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