Holiday 13 month old baby

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nat_84 | 13:02 Tue 19th Aug 2008 | Family Life
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Hi All,

I'm going to Greece in September for two weeks andwanted your advice as this if my first time away with the little one. She's not walking yet although could well be by the time we depart!

Can anyone advise on what they found handy whilst on holiday? A checklist of things you recommend perhaps?



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ive not take mine away abroad but for short holidays ive always taken.

Pushchair that reclines
Sun canopy
UV tent
Sun lotion factor 50+
UV swimsuit
Something to sit child in when eating out, like a totseat or something
Plenty of toys to keep them amused
if shes going to be walking then some sort of reins will be handy as will firm shoes (sandals ok for beach but perhaps not for toddling) le-high-chair-1724-0.html al-daysack-with-safety-rein-1355-0.html
check with your tour operator to see what you can hire when you are there saves carrying too much

toys r us do a booster seat for the table that folds down flat which we took for my son, which we used loads
As well as the things others have recommended I would suggest you take alot of patience with you too!!!! I first took my daughter on holiday abroad at 12 weeks which was a doddle but the year after she was 13months and it was very difficult. In fact so much so you do feel that it isn't really a holiday but just working in the sun! Sorry that I sound so negative there is lovely moments of course especially if you have a good child but mine is a stickler for a routine and became unbearable because it was altered! We yelled at each other alot of the time and everything is based on thinking of the baby a massive contrast after holidaying as a couple. Sorry again if you think I'm a miserable sod but I just wanted to give you a reality check!! I do honestly hope you have a good time (I'm sure you will really) I had one of those tiny paddling pools which we positioned under the parasol on the beach, she enjoyed that alot.
check the temperature , sounds a bit of a hot place to take a youngun.

be very aware that exposure , even verylittle , can potentially cause heat stroke,saw a young girl with it here yesterday she was vomitting and dizzy they had to take her to docs .she was about 4 and had factor 30 lotion but the 85 degree heat plus high uv factor yesterday done her in and sghe had to resat

saw her mum today shes feelin better but still a bit dizzy /queeeasey
You might need mossie cream., Sorry, I dont know which ones are suitable for babies
Greece tends to be very child friendly. Have a great time
oh just thought id add .taking a young child abroad is an experience but usually not much of a holiday .added to the worry etc all the work you usually neeed a holiday when you get home .
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Blllooooooody hell!!! shall i jump off the cliff now?!?!

Well arent you lot a barrel of laughs!!?? lol.

I'm going away without her Daddy - he gets a two week freedom break lol. My parents have offered to take me and my daughter - so i'm lucky enough to have the help of her grandparents.

As for checking the temperature, it'sGreece... bound to be hot really! But i dont think that means that we cant go to a hot country. Although im completely aware that she needs to be fully protected, drink lots of water, kept in teh shade etc etc!

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Holiday 13 month old baby

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