I Must Be Crazy

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rowanwitch | 12:59 Fri 01st May 2020 | Family Life
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My mother is not coping at all, I have bitten the bullet and arranged for her to come to me . My sister is in the vulnerable group and mum won't accept help. She has stopped taking her meds, admits she can't be bothered to eat and is increasingly confused. My sister will bring her up, I think this is a reasonable travel need.


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sounds reasonable to me. But is your mum healthy? I won't says she sounds as if she should be in a care home, obviously, but you're going to have quite a bit of work on your hands.
Well done Rowan. At least you can get her straight with her meds and diet, cheer her up a bit and get her back on her feet. think of it as a temporary break and you'll be able to get her home again soon.
Take care of yourself as a priority. If your mum has been isolating you should be ok. You do a lot for others so I hope you will have time for yourself. Good luck
You have my admiration, Rowan. My mother always said when she needed to be looked after she expected to come to me. I couldn't have done what you are doing.

I echo, Calmck....I know how you love to be busy with so many things.....I hope you can still have your time to do wishes....Gx
If you are not crazy now you will be by the time that this all this is over.
Well done for stepping in to care for mum when she most requires her children . Best wishes to you both .
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Thanks folks, she was so distressed this morning I just knew it was the only option.couldn't stay with her, no internet.
All I can add is my admiration, not sure I could do it but then thankfully, I’m not and have never ,been in your position
Good luck with this Rowan, not easy but it's what we do.x
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Hopefully I can get her to a better place mentally and get some care sorted when she goes back

((rowan)) - well done, you. You're strong & will ensure you both get through these difficult times x
Is your sister staying with you too?
I admire you, Rowan. Best wishes with it all
you might find that you enjoy having her there rowan. Especially if you know it's for a limited time :)
You are a star Rowan. Please try to look after yourself as well. X

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I Must Be Crazy

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