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albaqwerty | 16:02 Thu 24th Apr 2014 | Family Life
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I'm going to one tomorrow.

Not going to post the reasons and whereby's, just thought I'd let you know that an ab'er has reached that level, and before the pompous, righteous brigade get on their high horses, there are free areas of access to the internet.


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hey, sorry to hear of your troubles, which must be frightening for you and your family
Alba, please tell me about the experience and what they provide xx
I'm sorry to hear that, Albs. I hope things work out for you soon. No one has any right to get self righteous....x
Oh alba. I hope this phase soon passes for you xx
it's a shame that they are needed, but no shame to anyone using them.

Don't go telling them you work for the Mail, though.
Sorry to hear that, alba. I assume this is linked to the bankruptcy issue. I would never want to be in the desperate position some are in but i think it's unfortunate that many on the left are trying to blame the rise in food banks on benefit cuts when the real reasons are far more complex are linked to both supply and demand. Apparently the country with the largest number of foodbanks per capita is Germany- which is also one of the wealthiest.
Alba, there is no shame in reaching out for help when you need it.

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oh, jno, that didn't have make me laugh!!

I've not a lot to hide, and will let you know tomorrow at some point what is provided. (Many, many thanks to those who do give to the foodbank, they are caring people)
I still think there are more nice people than nasties in this world.
Sorry to hear that qw, but would be interested in an account of the experience from someone who has been through it rather than some Daily Mail ignoramus.
Accepting help is not always easy to do, especially when we strive to stand on our own feet - but the help is there and there is no shame in using it.
Im glad that in times of need food banks exist, I hope it goes okay, ignore the righteous brigade x
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have? jeepers! half, must get me digits in the right order.

Factor, yep, it is.
Years ago, when a person was claiming benefits, it was possible to become/go bankrupt 'free' but then it became £100 per person, now it's £200 per person.
Silly really, and no, am not wanting to go bankrupt, and am also not inflicting any bankruptcy on any companies/businesses. (just in case anyone else wants to have a dig)
Alba, you always come across as resourceful, intelligent and willing to do what needs to be done.

If going to the food bank is what needs to be done then I know you have covered every other angle and I am sorry it has come to this for you and your family.

I hope they see you right and this is just a blip in the landscape for you.

Fingers crossed you are not given a Ready Steady Cook style bag of tinned peas, tinned peaches, an onion and a bag of Quinoa ;-)
Alba, if anyone has a dig at you about going bankrupt, I'll go sort them out for you.

Join the queue 2sp
Looking at Mrs_O's post today, I'm not surprised so many are suffering. I hope things improve for you xx
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It's open between 2pm and 4pm tomorrow, so forgive me if I don't post about it for a while.

It's a hand-up not a hand-out. (which is a most positive thing to hear)
Maybe you're making a deposit rather than a withdrawal?
Thinking of you Albs, there is no shame in it whatsoever. I always donate to foodbanks. They are a great cause. Our church have set up one for the local community and I donate to that one too.
Hope this passes for you soon xx
Sorry, hadn't refreshed the page for 20 mins!

Let us know how you do and what the process is like. It's a weird thing to be happening in "modern Britain" and I would be interested to hear how it goes.

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