Passport To Riches Last Week

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CrapAtCryptics | 10:05 Sat 29th Feb 2020 | Offers & Competitions
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P34 Budapest, Madrid, Mexico City, Turin
Game cards only available today Saturday 29/2 for this game week - winning claims must be submitted by 4pm Fri 6/3
You MUST retain each days paper till the end of the weekly draw (Friday).
This essentially means if you are outside the Uk you cannot participate.
Please search for this title as I will add all days to this answer.


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Thanks for your work on this CatC. I hope it helps but unfortunately most newbies seem to ask before they actually look around at past questions or do searches but at least we can point newbies to your link when they ask. I'm glad it's the last week. I've not heard of anyone on here winning yet.
I'm happy to say I might have been wrong. Maybe Google is now taking everyone to your thread on here CrapatCryptics as I don't recall seeing any Passport to Riches questions on here in the last 24 hours- normally we get around 10 requests a day. Good result- everyone's a winner
i'm not lol, I wait for 1 every week
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P98 Sun 1/3 Beijing, Jakarta, Munich, Pisa
I can't see the point of people giving the cities as it states quite clearly you need all the weeks papers to qualify
Yes, but if your card does match the listed cities you will be prepared to pay quite a bit to get the missing papers (that is if you really need them); and if your card isn't a winner you can get satisfaction from the money you've saved on buying the Mail
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maybe they will come back here and try and do a deal with someone who has all the papers.
I don't buy The Mail, but I have a friendly neighbour who does :)
Does it say you need to have all the papers on the card? Seen a few images of the competition in the paper but can't see any mention of needing to have the papers.
^^it's written in terms and conditions in the paper
I doubt though, mally, that they'll want you to send off the whole bundle. They may just aska question- eg what is advertised on p17 on Thursday
i'll let you know if I win lol x
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P33, Mon 2/3 Las Vegas, Nantes, Rome, Venice

Good luck all
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P32 Tues 03/03
Helsinki, Lisbon, Singapore, Tokyo
it does say to claim by 4pm so surely the people without papers are going to have a job getting papers to claim
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P34 Hamburg, New York, Sofia, Toronto

My cards not looking great
I can't get to the shop today for the paper 4/2/20. Are you supposed to have the paper ? I have put in the cities for today as noted above.
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Thu 05/03
Dusseldorf, Sydney, Valletta, Warsaw
Last day tomorrow - must claim by 4pm with papers for the week to hand.
Thanks very much. Great help. God bless you.
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Friday 06/03 FINAL DAY you must claim by 4pm today and have all the weeks papers handy for verification.
Todays are Athens, Dubrovnik, Los Angeles, Porto

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Passport To Riches Last Week

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