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wildchild22 | 12:50 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | Offers & Competitions
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The answers are all films which have won awards.

15. Sodden Pattern
19. The Compendium for Puerile Corrupters

Any hints grateful received.


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Letter counts?
Jo, there won't be letter patterns. Quiz not crossword.
I thought it may be the same quiz as Kimmage asked for help with.
19,The Book of Mormon?
Question Author
Unfortunately, no letter counts given.
Question Author
Sadly, the Book of Mormon isn't a film yet so hasn't won any awards (but it is in development)
19 the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
Question Author
Thanks all, but neither version of The Book of Mormon (2003 and 2019) received any film awards, and that's the clincher part for this quiz.

MallyH: HHG2G is an interesting idea and it won a Golden Trailer Award (not quite the Cannes or Berlin but an award nontheless) - Thanks.
15 very iffy:
The Shape of Water?
15 drowning by numbers?
19 sounds like The Young Poisoner's Handbook. The director won an award at Sundance, but that's about all.
Well done jno.
Question Author
Thank you elliemay1 and jno - you've got it!

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