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Hard@it | 21:27 Thu 20th Apr 2017 | Offers & Competitions
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Having done the Health lottery for the first time, I see there is mention of a bonus ball in the results but no mention on the slip you get! How do you know if you have it?


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Check the results I presume.
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If you read my question you would see I cannot see it in the results, that is why I am asking!
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Sorry it is in the results, as I say, but not on the slip/receipt so how do you know if you have a bonus ball when checking.
I don't play this but I presume you pick your numvers then if any get picked out (including the bonus) you refer to the prize table to check.
^ numbers
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Methinks I will not be doing it in the future!
if one of your five numbers is the bonus ball you win if you have two other winning numbers!

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