CAKE WON! What Is The Oddest Thing You Would Do For A Cake?

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AB Editor | 13:58 Tue 25th Feb 2014 | Offers & Competitions
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To celebrate our fast approaching 1000th Facebook "Like" we've decided to run a little competition with our friends at CAKE.

The Prize!

We're offering you the chance to win either a 2-tier celebration cake or 32 cupcakes, all lovingly baked and beautifully decorated by Jen at CAKE!

You can see the kinds of cakes the winner can choose from here: CAKE and the cupcake choices here: CUPCAKES

How to win:

1. Join The AnswerBank here
(if you're already a member, you don't need to sign up again!)

2. Answer our question in an interesting way:

What is the oddest thing you would do for a cake?

Be inventive with your answers, and feel free to be flexible with the truth!

Don't worry; we are NOT going to make you act out your answer if you win!

3. Entries close at 11.59 pm Monday 17th March 2014. We'll pick a winner at random, and get in contact by email - so make sure your AnswerBank email is correct!

(You can check and edit your AB email here (remember to press "save" at the bottom once you've changed your email address)

You can find the rules here: CAKE RULES and the terms here: CAKE TERMS

So, answer this question below to win a lovely cake or two (...or 32!):

What is the oddest thing you would do for a cake?


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marry one, then i could enjoy it at my leisure.
13:59 Tue 25th Feb 2014
marry one, then i could enjoy it at my leisure.
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I don't eat cake, can we do a swap for something else? A million pound would be cool.
Question Author
I think I would have to fight B00 for cake.
Sell the man hostage.
Organise a giant AB Party, so we could all eat the Cake together!
I could sell my kids and then do a swap with someone...
Go up in a hot air balloon, to scatter the cupcakes far and wide..... :-)
I would eat tripe, something I vowed I never would - just to win the cake to light up the faces of a local charity.
Well, in the spirit of Lady Godiva, I would be prepared to ride through the streets of....let's say Kettering.....parking isn't great in Coventry and the A14 is a pain at the moment.....naked.

Horses can be quite bristly so I'll request a comfy blanket to sit upon and permission to ride side saddle......☺

I'd jump out of it in my sexy attire and shout happy birthday answerbank!
............or better still happy birthday facebookers!
Have you considered listing this at
Question Author
Hi Wolf - We did consider it, but we wanted to give regular ABers a little bit of a head start :)

If the oddest thing you'd do for cake is submit a competition to Loquax - then please go ahead!
I would spread it on my nether regions & let the AB laydeeez use me as a plate...Cutlery would not be allowed;-)
No cutlery?.....I'll bring the wallpaper scraper then....☺
or a trowel..
I would snog Piers Morgan.

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