Over taxed?

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CiderMonkey | 03:13 Sun 14th Nov 2010 | Business & Finance
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My partner has paid £18,000 tax in 4 years as self employed on:
gross £46,000 Dec 06 - Dec 07
gross £47,00 Jan 08 - Dec 08
gross £36,000 Jan 09-Dec 09

Does that sound right?


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No, I make it only 14%. Should have paid more like the rest of us poor buggers on PAYE have to do.
You've only given 3 years' salary details
i'm with mike, it seems under to me I just used a (paye) tax calculator, and someone earning 46 000 PA should pay about 9000 Tax in that year, around 9.5k for 47 000 and around 6 k for the 36000 year which to me adds up to about 24.5 k she should have paid just for the three years you've given us, let alone the other year you haven't given us.
Of course, a self employed person probably gets tax breaks too, so it's simply impossible to tell Perhaps if she is worried, she should employ an accountant?
you could always try here:
OMG that is terrible get it checked out. Do you have an accountant. We did and since I have been doing my husbands books he has alwys had a rebate!!#######@
There's absolutely no way to determine how much tax a self employed individual should pay based on the gross income only (unless he had no costs at all of course).

If per chance he does have no costs then clearly he hasn't paid nearly enough tax. If he has costs then the profit is what we'd need to know, not the gross receipts.

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Over taxed?

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