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echokilo | 07:16 Sat 30th Oct 2010 | Business & Finance
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can anyone tell me why my tax code is 653L and my partners is 782L? We are both employed, I am 37 and he is 53 - why would there be a difference? TIA


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Yes, I think the HMRC could tell her. Age isn't relevant for non-pensioners. HAve you asked your wife- she may have had a coding notice explaining this or she may be claiming some allowance
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Thanks Factor30 - but I am "she" and we are not married - and nother of us is claiming anything ..... any other ideas?
Okay, sorry. But being male or female isn't relevant.
Your code is likely to be right as that is the code most people have. We can only guess at the reasons why your partner might have a higher code. For example he may have overpaid tax last year so they have adjusted this year's code. Only the HMRC can explain it to him. But maybe it's a mistake in his favour and you might be better not raising the issue with HMRC
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Thanks factor30 - no need to apologise, was just making it clear who is who - and think you are right, it seems it's best left alone!! Thanks for the advice.
But what happens when they find out? He may have to pay a huge tax bill! He needs to sort it now before it possibly gets worse. At least then he would know if it's correct or not and you would have peace of mind.
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You are gith too Kathyan - I did think of that initially, but its only a recent change on his records so there must be a reason why - I will look into it.
Don't leave this! He will have to pay it back!

He could have extra tax-free allowances relating to his job, even if he hasn't claimed them.

HMRC do not refund overpaid tax from previous years through your tax code.

I'd defo ring them and ask - he'll have to as they won't speak to you because of data protection etc

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