Price of scrap tungsten carbide and mild steel

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hotfemail | 20:41 Sun 05th Sep 2010 | Business & Finance
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Can anyone tell me the current prices of these metals please ?
In the midlands.


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As of May 2010, the price for scrap carbide metalworking inserts or round tools (taps, drills, end mills) is about $8.50 per pound, or $9.50 per pound for rock drilling inserts and dies or large material. See for more information.
its really going to depend on how much you have to dispose of and who you take it to.
Some scrap merchants have been known to offer a high scrap price but the weights arent found to b correct.

call around, advise the local merchants what you have and see what they say.
Mild steel was £140 a tonne as of May.
its also varies around the country. Our price in east anglia can be £30 a tonne less than Birminghams due to transport costs etc
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thankyou all. we have quite a few mild steel dies with tungsten inserts. We are trying to decide whether its worth turning the steel off to get to the tungsten.
£12.00 per KG 07808169247
Looking for current price for scrap stainless steel (18/8) per kg please? In West Midlands, Shropshire.

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Price of scrap tungsten carbide and mild steel

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