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[email protected] | 17:54 Fri 21st Jan 2005 | Business & Finance
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How do i go about obtaining a claim form regarding an endownment policy.


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Hi sue , im in the same boat as you regarding an endowment mortgage.The 1st thing you have to do is contact whoever sold you your mortgage,and complain to them.tell them you are complaining about the mortgage sold to you and you wish to take it further for compensation.mine is with a well known bank-is yours?Let me know how you get on and if i get any further on il let you know

I have just had my cheque through after 18 months of letter writing & form filling in about an endowment that I was missold. The only way to complain is directly to your policy provider who after investigation will probably tell you to go away. At this point you will be infomed to get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman & appeal. It was them who ultimately upheld my complaint & I have now ploughed the money into a re-payment mortgage. I believe the ombudsman has about 20,000 complaints to get through & time is running out for a lot of companies to accept your complaints so the sooner the better.

Good luck.

hi sue,did you get any further on?ive been to my bank and saw the manager who lodged the complaint for me to my "mortgage provider"he drafted our letter of complaint ,which i thought was good of him.ive received a letter back from my mortgage provider{well known}but i cant say who it is on ab.we had to fill forms out which i thought were irrelevant-pay at time mortgage taken out etc-any savings bank manager feels we have a good case against them as for our 1st year of the mortgage we were on a prepayment mortgage and it was our mortgage provider who told us "YOU WILL" get money at the end of your mortgage term and advised us to change to the dreaded endowment mortgage,hope this helps -ggod luck
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thanx to all that answered my question especially patriciather i wrote to my mortgage broker and they sent me forms to fill in..  I am now awaiting for a reply.. let you know how i get on. thanx again

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