just recieved this email ..................

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cherrychapstick | 15:45 Tue 18th May 2010 | Business & Finance
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*IMPORTANT* Halifax Bank Your Online Access Suspended !‏
From: Halifax Online Banking ([email protected])
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Sent: 18 May 2010 15:27:58
To: *******[email protected]

Access Suspended !

Our Valued Customer,

Your access to Online Banking Service has been suspended. Due to a miss-match access code between your Security information. To enable you continue accessing your online account it will only take you few minutes to verify your Identity. Follow the reference below and you will be guided to where you can gain an instant verification process.


*IMPORTANT* - You are strictly advised to match your Sensitive Details correctly to avoid service denial.

Thank you for helping us to protect you.

Security Advisor,
Halifax Online Banking Helpdesk

it is not real so if you do get one just delete it


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thanks cherry x
great cherry...thanks sweetheart x
Question Author
you are welcome ,i did answer the little questions they asked though username all my passwords and numbers.,.....................
Question Author
................with f.u.c.k.o.f.f :)

Hold up there cherry!

Are you saying you have gone to the page and entered your banking details??

if so I suggest you get onto the bank and change your details right now.
OH, right... OK then :)
pmsl @ cherry xxx
Question Author
lol @ chuck
yep standard Phishing scam, can't believe people are still falling for it. Further reminders can do no harm, though.
What worries me is that people actually fall for these scams. The Scammers wouldn't be doing it if they weren't getting money from their scam.

Where are all these gullible people?
The people who answer are probably the same ones who answer emails telling them they've won a a competition they've never entered.
barmaid gave me a link to an excellent site the other day and you can trace any isp from an email, I've done that and found loads of dodgy people and that's just the Abers who have emailed me!!!!
Craft your trying to tell me I haven't won £250,000 on the Isle of man Lottery.
Question Author
of course you have dave just remember to send me my £275.93 so i can release it to you cheers x
Question Author
thanks dot just tracked mine was from Switzerland
It was that link that helped me work out that my lying cheating duplicitous ex was not in fact away on urgent business in Spain but was just down the road with another woman. Great site!
Question Author
oh so thats maybe how my ex found me although i never sent any eamils hmmm still think it was the kids old school ,although they said they wouldn't do that lol
I keep getting e-mails like this from various 'banks'. Problem is, I don't have accounts with any of them!
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just recieved this email ..................

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