Broadband/Phone Providers without contract

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Want-to-know | 14:36 Thu 13th May 2010 | Business & Finance
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I am at present with Tiscali, which was taken over by Talk Talk. At present I get both my phone and Broadband (not fibre optic) with that company. I get my line rental from BT. I am looking to combine all three (Broadband, phone and line rental) from one supplier. I am seeking 24-7 use of phone and broadband and preferably with 08 number costs included.

In checking various comparison sites, it seems one must be stuck with a contract for 1 year or 18 months, etc. to gain access to a good deal. My Tiscali package does not have any such restrictions, but I do have to pay line rentals and for 08 numbers.

Does anybody know of a communication company that does not tie you in to a contract?

With thanks.


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I'm with Tiscali, and pay my line rental to them - at a discount on the BT rate, so I have all three with them.
I'm the same as Panic Button - cheaper than l=separate line rental via BT, and free landline calls 24/7.
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Broadband/Phone Providers without contract

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