SSP and inability to meet mortgage payments

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bo_mile | 14:55 Wed 17th Nov 2004 | Business & Finance
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My wife recently had an operation on her wrist and is currently unable to carry out her job as a machinist. Currently she is being paid by her company but this will soon come to an end and I don't think we will be able to keep up the payments on our mortgage on just my income and we didn't take out any mortgage protection.
So my questions are:
How much would we be entitled to as statuary sick pay? Is there any other help that the government will provide to keep up mortgage payments?
And if my wife is unable to return to work what help can we expect?


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The standard rate of SSP is �66.15 per week.
Housing Benefit?
Help from this government. I doubt it!
It would be a good idea to see the local CAB who almost certainly have aomeone who cha help you through the morass of benefits etc.
Help from this government. I doubt it!

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SSP and inability to meet mortgage payments

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