What does UPT/SACAT stand for on bank statement

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amzamz | 12:59 Mon 22nd Jun 2009 | Business & Finance
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Going through bank statement and I just wanted to know what UPT and SACAT stand for, both are related to Tesco.


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UnPaid Things
Spent A Chunk At Tesco
I'd guess UPT might be to do with pay at the pump petrol
I realise this answer is quite late after the original question!
Having been baffled myself, I spoke to Tesco's Head Office (0800 50 55 55) who told me "Tesco Upt" stands for "Tesco Unmanned Terminal" at their petrol stations. In my case, all transactions are genuine but the term seems to be causing alarm for others ('Google it!). Obviously, unmanned termminals are a risk as they are attractive to fraudsters who have cloned cards, so to be sure you know which transactions have been made by you, always get a receipt or make some sort of note when you do use them to reconcile your statements.
UPT stands for Unattended Payment Terminal - you use this when you pay at pump for your petrol saving you time going in to the kiosk
SACAT stands for Semi-Attended Cardholder Activated Terminal - it's the self service checkout in Tesco
crikey what an old thread to resurrect.....
UPT is the abbreviation for the Tesco Pay At Pump service in the Tesco filling stations - SACAT is the self-service tills in Tesco.

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What does UPT/SACAT stand for on bank statement

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