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dyli795 | 19:45 Sat 16th May 2009 | Business & Finance
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i hope someone can advise .my son whose 26 has a 3 year old son by a girl who has become a drug addict .social services found out and directed him to remove him from her home. being on incapacity benefit himself because of epilepsy, he claimed for his son whom he has cared for and has temporary custodyof for the last 5 months. up to now he has received no money and has only just realised ,5 pounds a week was being paid out of his benefits to the girl. that has reversed now and he receives the 5 pounds. she has also put in a claim for money for the child even though she has not had custody for 5 months. the next hearing is in a few days and the girl has been submitting negative urine samples,even though he knows she is still on drugs.he has had to spend his savings just to make ends meet and still hasnt received a penny. surely this cant be right. he has tried every avenue and it is nearly impossible to go and speak to someone. he has tried welfare rights and citizens advice. but to no avail .social services have been of no help advice would be much he is very despondant.


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if the child is living with him I don't understand why he hasn't claimed Income Support as a Lone Parent, and Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits. he only needs to walk into a Jobcentre and ask..

here are the basics.. s/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/index.htm
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he has claimed all this but its dragged on because she is counter claiming and telling lies about having the child overnight
then it needs a Decision Maker to decide who gets the benefits for the child, but if she is claiming the child mostly lives with her (and this is not true) then perhaps you should report her for benefit fraud.

the Jobcentre has Decision Makers for cases like this.
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thanks for all that. i found the link usefull.nice to know someone was good enough to answer. restores your faith in human nature.

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