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Gill.Mackie | 12:55 Sun 26th Oct 2008 | Business & Finance
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Will my bank let me represent a cheque which was sent back to me "refer to drawer". I know for 100% sure there are now funds in the persons account to cover it now?


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Have similar.....write to debtor c/o their bank enclosing copy of cheque to request payment or Court proceedings.
When I used to work for a bank many years ago we would sometimes return cheques with 'refer to drawer please represent' which meant that there were no funds to pay the cheque in the account at the moment but there were likely to be in the near future so if the cheque was represented it may well be paid. If however a cheque was returned 'refer to drawer' it meant that there was no money in the account to pay the cheque and that there was virtually no chance of there being any (if money did come into the account then other things eg mortgage, loan repayments, overdraft would have priority over any cheques).
Yes, the cheque is still valid, and can be paid in. The counter clerk at the bank may be a little hesitant, as it is usually unwise to keep trying in case it bounces again, but if you're sure it will clear this time, go for it.
Technically there is no reaon why you cannot pay the cheque back into your account - although the odds are that it will not be paid. In practice however you will probably find your bank will not accept it. Banks have cut down on their back room operations and do not have the capacity to undertake transactions they consider as worthless. So get a replacement cheque, or preferably cash. Threaten County Court action if payment is not forthcoming (depends on the amount of course)

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Refer ro Drawer Chequ

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