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manutdstott | 00:35 Thu 23rd Sep 2004 | Business & Finance
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my mate in work was given a twenty pence piece in his change from the drinks machine in work. it didn't have the queens head instead it had the lion, he reckons its worth �50. anyone know if this is correct. and where can i find info about such things like rare coins that are still in circulation. i heard about 2 years ago about certain two pound coins being worth something,


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I used to collect coins so perhaps I can help.

The only rare or valuable coins which one might still find in general circulation are the early (1971) ones, but only if they are in excellent ("mint") condition. Before the 5p and 10p pieces were reduced in size, the old shillings and florins were still legal tender and one would occasionally find very old ones in one's change.

The coin which you describe does not match any variety of bona-fide coin that I am aware of, so it could be a very rare type of mistake which does occasionally happen. It sounds as if the 20p coin has been accidentally stamped with the lion design for the 50p. I would advise you to find a coin dealer (there should be some in yellow pages etc.) and show it to them. There is a real possibility that it might be worth a great deal - although there is also a possibility that it is not worth much. The value of such curiosities depends on how well-known they are, e.g. if there is an accidental issue of hundreds of the same thing, and they might become celebrated items. Even if it not worth much, keep it and it might become more valuable in later years.
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yes thats what i heard something about the queen wearing a necklace on the two pound coin being worth something. can anyone verify this.
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The Bank of England would be able to help you there.
I am a bank cashier, and any issues as such are referred to the Bank of England who will be able to determine its worth. I have not come across such a coin yet though! Amazing stuff.
i've got in front of me a �2 coin with the queen wearing a necklace and earings, what should i do now please help mel

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