Horse racing tips via text... ...scam or not?

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Ray the DJ | 21:52 Tue 21st Sep 2004 | Business & Finance
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There's a guy on the web selling horse racing tips via phone texts. He says it costs �1.50 to receive the text. His tips allegedly come from insiders. Has anyone tried this, is it genuine or is it a scam?


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really don't know, but willing to bet its a scam. If you had a tip would you sell it for �1.50? There is obviously a company behind it to register for the text messaging. If you were an insider would you want to be linked to this all? Police would investigate etc.... Better to save the money
It's probably a scam. All he has to do is select a five-horse race and then tell 20% of his clients to back Horse 1, 20% Horse B and so on. Thus, one in five of his punters is guaranteed to be satisfied each day. You just might be lucky more often than the odds would suggest, but I wouldn't count on it!

On the other hand, you could say: "Right, I'm prepared to risk �30.00 to find out if this guy is any good." You could then pay for 20 tips and see how it goes.

Its might not be a scam, but they did a little experiment on the radio where they tested out a load of tipsters. They also got some 4 year old kid to pick they out and yes you've got it the kid was just as succesfull as the pros. Thing is in betting is that the more money that goes on a horse the less the odds become. If this person had any decent success he'd be better off not telling everybody and just betting on them himself.

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Horse racing tips via text... ...scam or not?

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