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lindirobby | 21:30 Fri 07th Mar 2008 | Business & Finance
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We are trying to find out how many solicitors and lawyers there are in the UK. What sort of percentage of the uk employed are in this field?


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I'm inclined to feel that the answer to this is 'too many'.
On a more practical note the Law Society must know the answer to this but I couldn't see it on their website. You could try phoning them here.
In 2006 there were 131,347 solicitors on the Roll but only (!) 104,543 held practising certificates. They are 'on the Roll' from the day they are admitted, fully qualified to practise.However,they have to have a practising certificate, renewed each year,to practise as solicitors in private practice.

Not sure how many barristers there are. The Bar Council may know. There are far fewer barristers in practice than there are solicitors
Well, Financial Index, a firm specialising in such matters, says there are 'about 10,000' barristers in the UK. Sounds about right.

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how many in the uk - solicitors & lawyers

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