European Euro Millones Loteria Commision S.L

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lettertrask | 12:07 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Business & Finance
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Jut received a letter from Malaga to say i have won �635,956,25,in the European Euro Millones Loteria Commision S.L.It is not asking for any money to release the funds,they just want to know how i would like to receive the winnings.Do i just bin it or proceed


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Entirely depends how much time and energy you wish to invest in playing these people along.
Unless you entered the lottery you KNOW what's going to happen - at some future point they will want either Bank Account details or some money upfront as a 'release fee'.
Did you enter that particular lottery? If so, congratulations, if not, IT'S A BIG CON!!
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you coulnd have won, because i also got the letter , so i've won it!

Dja rekon it could be a con???

and theres me already booking a world cruise. der how thick of me,,

but that ok because i also got an email from a nice man in Nigeria, who says that if i help him transfer 45.8 million us dollar, hell give me 30% for the trouble, so there.
hey i recieved a letter the same but its from madrid, it also says i won �635,956.25 in the european euro millones lotteria commision s.l. again the same as you it doesnt want any money, i went on google and typed in the euro millones and it bought up a web address -
i looked at this webpage and you can view the results of the draw they are saying about, it says the numbers that won and how much money was put into it if you look at the results.
I AM PUTTING MINE IN THE BIN!!!! it is a scam as they dont even put that much money into it and lets face it... i didnt enter so how can i win something from the lottery if i didnt enter???

hope this helps you x
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Thanks to all who replied but i pursued it no further, and binned it awhile back.

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European Euro Millones Loteria Commision S.L

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