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GypsyGSD | 19:53 Sun 14th Oct 2007 | Business & Finance
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I need to sent 80 dollars to the states how much is this in uk pounds please thanks GYpsyX


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Right now that's �39.33

Tomorrow that could change. Here's a great convertor - always current:

It also depends on what charges there are to send it - even bigger range than the exchange rate.

If you bought $80 in say the Post Office it would cost you well over �40
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Thank you both for you quick replys, so if I wrote a check in pounds for 40 and allowed say 5 for charges in the states would this be ok to cover the the 80 i need to send GypsyX
Hi Gypsy, be careful how you send it. I used to send son number 1 cash for Christmas and birthday but it's not getting through anymore, not even the card arrives. It seems there is a machine which can read when there's cash inside. Safest way is to send it Western Union or Fedex.
Gypsy: It is extremely difficult for americans to cash and convert cheques in any currency other than their own.
May I offer you a suggestion please that will make it much easier for your recipient: Go to the post office and purchase US DOllar Travellers Cheques in the amount you want. You may purchase amounts ranging from USD $10 up to $500.

If you sent a cheque, it could literally take a month or more for that cheque to clear, plus the american bank will not only make a profit from the exchange rate, they will also add a currency conversion fee AND what is called a 'collection fee' which represents the manual transaction to physically send your cheque through the Federal Reserve System for clearance.

I wish you well

Fr. Bill
Gypsy: I thought I might give you more details to help you understand how the travellers cheque would work.

At the post office, they will have you sign your name in the upper left hand corner of the cheque. Typically, when you wish to spend it, you would fill in the payee line, and then sign the cheque on the bottom right hand side.

In this instance, prior to posting it: You would make out the cheque to your recipient and sign the bottom right hand side. When they receive it, they would simply deposit it into their bank account. If it's a child and they have no bank account, they simply sign the back of the cheque, endorsing it to their parent, who then encash it in the same way.

You avoid all of the exhorbitant fees charged by western Union, plus you have no necessity to post via the more expensive forms of delivery.

I wish you well

Fr. Bill

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