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girlieflirt | 13:16 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Business & Finance
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Hello - I have recently moved house for the first time ever, lived at my parents for well over 20 years. I applied for a current account with the Halifax at my new address in my local branch. I was referred then told they would make a decision in a few days. I then received a letter saying i had been declined a current account for reasons they could not tell me. I telephoned them up and apparently i would have to write to them to find out why i was declined, which i havent done. However i did pay to have a credit check done, and it appears my credit is fine, have no black marks against my name. Does anyone know why i would have been declined? Feel a bit worried now as its not even applying for credit. I have a loan with the Halifax for �4,000 which i have always paid on time and a credit card with Virgin, only about �1,000 on there. Thanks x


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It may be nothing more sinister than that you don�t fit the profile for new business they want at the moment. Strange though that you�re already a customer of theirs.

Don�t take it to heart. Just take your business elsewhere.
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Thanks. would be be because i have recently moved?
It shouldn�t matter to them. You presumably gave them your parents� address too, as it was your registered address until recently? Usually to do a full check they like to see where you�ve lived for at least 5 years.
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No i only gave my new address, thats all they asked for, but they would have had my details..
Try applying again, but this time using your parents address. I should think it is very likely that it is because you are not yet on the electoral roll at your new address. Never ever think that bank workers can use any sense.
the biggest reason for not getting credit is not being on Voters Role.

When we moved last time, we purchased our house for cash (�126,000) and we couldn't get British Gas to change over from a prepayment meter to a normal meter as we weren't a good credit risk!

Get yourself put on Voters Role and you should not have a problem - though it may be worth getting an up to date credit check done and htt://
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Thanks everyone for their help, feel a bit better now thanks...x
there can also be bad credit linked to your address not yourself!
sorry Donna, but no there cannot be. Credit is against individuals, not addresses.

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