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Wellard | 17:10 Mon 12th Mar 2007 | Business & Finance
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Last weekend I found my ebay account had been hijacked and was selling (non-existent) mobile phones etc. I managed to sort this out, but today I had an email from a `buyer` in U.S. asking for final price invoice. Should I just ignore this or reply telling them it`s false - do not know if they have already paid some cash, their email is just asking about shipping charges. Have forwarded the email to ebay and in general their advice is to stop there.


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It is only fair and proper that you email this person, explaining what has happened.

Tell him to send no more money, but more importantly, if he has paid, ask him for details of where he made the payment to and pass the information to eBay.

This will help eBay track down the hijacker, hopefully.

As always, keep copies of all correspondence.

Have you changed all your eBay and PayPal passwords?
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Thank you for your help. I too thought that the `buyer` should be made aware as soon as possible but is hard to find any precise help on ebay site. Have now informed them. Changed passwords as soon as became aware of fraud and emptied paypal account just in case.

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ebay hijacked

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