I need help setting up my own business any advice

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graham1024uk | 05:50 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | Business & Finance
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I really need some help I am 26 years old and I have a great business idea. but I dont know how to go about it. I would like to start up my own online only store selling American Food products like sweets, cookie mixes, jerkys basically everything american and food items you cant buy over here as there is a big market for it but if you buy the sweets from Selfridges there are at a seriously marked up price and I know that I can sell them at a fraction of the cost and make money esp. at the moment with the Strong � against the $. I have already been over to the states to look for suppliers and have found a few that are willing to ship to the UK. Any advice?? I am a website designer so I can do all the websites and online advertising. and do you know of any where that would give me capital to start out on the business, as I have worked out all the figures and the profit margins, The capital I would need would be less the �2k and I would give a healthy return on that within a few weeks as I have already found people that are looking for UK distributors of American Candy's. Is there any organisation I can go to that might be able to help me out?? please email [email protected] if anyone can help me at all as its something I am very keen in getting started.


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Not sure where abouts you are in the UK, but in East Anglia there is an agency called NWES who offer new start up businesses loans.

If you are the right age, you could also try the princes trust,

If you only need �2000 and don't have the money yourself then the banks will probably not be interested.

If neither of the above are any good to you, try your local business link.
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Thanks you very much i shall take alook at investigate more, if anyone else can help me with more info please go ahead,
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