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Nett | 22:44 Wed 22nd Nov 2006 | Business & Finance
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My daughter is buying her property but wants to put everything in storage, decorate and sell it. In the meantime she wants to move in with me.
I live on my own so get 25% reduction on my council tax.
Would she have to pay council tax on her empty property?
I would have to pay full council tax and she would have to help with it but that would mean she was paying council tax in two properties.
Any idea what the situation would be or does it differ depending on your council?


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She would have to pay council tax on the empty property.

With you, I think it may depend how long she stays with you for. You are allowed to have family stay but I don't know how long for.
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Thanks for that information. I will have to contact my local council for advise on that.
If her own property is unfurnished, I believe she is entitled to an exemption from tax on it for a limited period of time - however this may vary from council to council. The above is from Tameside's web site.
As long as the house is empty, she will be entitled to 6 months council tax free. After 6 months she will be liable for 6 months at 50%, after that time she will be liable to full council tax.

Click on the following link for full exceptions. The above stuff looks correct to me. ouncil_tax.htm#Propertiesexemptfromcounciltax
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A chap of low morals. Let's all hope he gets caught.
i dont hope he gets caught
I don't believe FredWilliams, frankly.

I had my first visit from the council within 6 months of claiming sole occupancy, and have random visits where I have to sign a declaration that I am still the sole occupant.

This is despite being a widowed pensioner - hardly likely to running a commune, am I?
Why only 25% discount, does one adult class as three. If thats the case the council assumes there are 4 adults to every house. WHAT!! Why dont they give 50% discount
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Well commonsense that's just the way it is with our council. I guess I should be lucky I get 25%!!
Still got to collect the bin once from the door (and leave it half way down the road) whether there's one or four people living in the house.
50% of the amount is based on the property (hence why you have to pay 50% after a certain time even if it is empty) and 50% is based on the people (2 or more). So if you only have one person, it is 50% of the 50%, so 25% discount.

Doesn't matter if you have 2 or 52 people you still pay the same, better way of doing it than poll tax for some people I believe.

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