Which is cheaper?

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crowdpleeser | 11:49 Tue 03rd Oct 2006 | Business & Finance
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I'm trying to figure out which is best value for money:

10kgs of cat litter for �1.69

or 32 litres of cat litter for �7.50?

Alternatively, if you know of anywhere in London I can buy cat litter for a lot cheaper than these two prices, I'd be grateful!



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A bit tricky, as one is measure of weight and the other is a measure of volume.

To answer your question, you need to know how much one litre weighs, or the volume of 1kg (how many litres it fills).
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Thankyou for stating the obvious. This is why I asked the question!!!!!!!!
Sorry I tried!! Let's try again. This is how to work it out...

Let's assume you have a cat.

Let's further assume you already have some cat litter.

Get some cat litter in a receptacle you know contains a volume of one litre - perhaps an ice-cream tub.

Weigh it.

Let's then assume that it weighs one kilo.

7.50/32 = 23.5p per kilo
1.69/10 = 17p per kilo

In this example the 10kg bag is cheaper.

If one litre of cat litter weighs 500g, then 32 x 0.5 = 16kg; divide 7.50 by 16 and the 10kg bag is still cheaper.

If one litre of cat litter weighs 2kg then 32 x 2 = 64kg; divide 7.50 by 64 to give just under 12p per kilo - so the 32 litre bag works out cheaper.
But the value of the litter is surely also dependent on its absorbancy?

It would be better to test how long each bag lasts you (assuming the number of cats & usage remains constant) as a measure of 'quantity' rather then weight or volume.
you need to purchase a CRAY super computer to work out the dynamics of your cats toilet activities.
Or use porridge oats. Compare the cost by weight first. They're certainly very absorbent.

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