how do i cross a postal order

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squidgey | 18:03 Mon 17th Jul 2006 | Business & Finance
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Hi ya
ive got to send a postal order throught the post and wish to cross it so it can only be paid into a bank as advised to make it more safer - but how do i do it ?
do i just put a cross through it ?

any help appreciated thanks


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Tell it to go away and never come back.....

Sorry, bored and it seemed funny.

I can't remember because I don't think I have used one in forty years. but I would assume it is the same as a cheque.

over who you are paying it to, draw two lines going down with enough space to write in (top to bottom that is) and write the words "Account Payee".
When you buy the postal order you will be asked for the name of the payee (can be left blank if you want) and whether you want it crossed - so you don't need to do anything other than say 'yes' when you are asked if you want it crossed. They will print it all for you.
That's a new thing, I think, dzug. I went for a PO a couple of weeks ago and they couldn't sell me one 'cause they'd run out. When I went in the next day they'd got this new system up and running. S'great. Just a pity they're shutting post offices down left right and centre.
Yep, came in in April.
Other difference is you can't stick stamps on any more - they print to the exact value.

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how do i cross a postal order

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