Visa Electron And Online Shopping

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:Ace: | 12:05 Tue 11th Jul 2006 | Business & Finance
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Can you use Visa Electron Debit Cards for Online shopping?
If so, where? I've never seen them be accepted online anywhere...or am I just not looking?



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Only on certain sites.Tesco for example will accept Solo but not Electron even though they are almost the same thing.You can use Electron to buy on Ebay and also a lot of gaming sites .
You can use electron on an increasing number of sites. It's really up to the site. I've recently changed bank accounts and have an electron card, and I can pay most bills online with it, except the one to my book club.

It's worth nagging any company you especially want to buy from, because if enough people do that, they may realise it could be worth their while.

Amazon accept electron, by the way.
Yes I can also my most of my household bills online with my Electron.I cant use it for certain online stores but as Saxyjag says,more and more are now allowing it.
When Electron was launched, it was designed only to be used face to face as a debit card but that's been relaxed loads over the last few years.
Now there's nothing to stop any companies accepting it online or on the phone but it's down to them to decide to accept it and then register to.
This website lists all the shops accepting electon: lectron.htm

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Visa Electron And Online Shopping

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