Credit card trouble, grrrrr!!!

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Lan | 11:41 Tue 11th Jul 2006 | Business & Finance
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this is abit of a long one so i'll try to make it as brief as possible. About 6 years ago I got a credit card whilst I was at college and had a part time job it only had a limit of �200 after 6 years this is still outstanding because of late payment charges and overlimit fees even though I have been paying regularly and as a student i was never in a position to pay it all off. i then decided that it is getting ridiculus and I may aswell throw money away as i was never within my credit limit because they would always charge me. But my problem is that I told the company that I would set up a standing order of �10 per week to pay it off quickly they were fine with this and told me that as I was paying regularly they weren't charging me anymore, that was 6 months ago and when I got this months statement the charges were still on there, so for every �40.00 I pay per month they are taking �25.00 in charges when they promised they wouldn't. I spoke to a lady who worked for the company she told me its because i had missed payments and she would look into it and phone me back, that was three weeks ago and still i've heard nothing. I've checked through my bank statement and every single payment has cleared each week, totally nearly �250.00. I have since written to them twice and still nothing, what can I do?If I stop paying they will charge me more, I just want rid of this stupid debt as i begrudge paying them when they have had 6 years of minimum payments and �250.00 in the last 6 months, surely this is daylight robbery I haven't taken anymore than �200.00 from them.

Many apologies for my awful grammar.


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Are the chanrges for late payment?, Are you paying the �40 each month before the "to reach your account by" date? Is the outstanding balance reducing? Who's the card Co?
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Hi, yes i'm paying �10 every Friday so its constantly been paid. The �40 is coming off the balance but as soon as that is paid �25 is added in charges. It started as a late payment charge which sent me over the limit so now it is a further �25 every month when they said they had stopped these charges. The balance is getting lower but I feel like it is an absolute waste of money.

It's Capital One by the way.
Sound like they are taking the pi55. What does the statement say the �25 is for now? as you are no longer late. There may be a some sort of admin **** up. Perhaps they are charging you for some sort of arrears, It may be worth writing a letter explaining the predicament and hopefully Crapital One will have someone in their ranks bright enough to sort it. If you phone you just get some muppet on peace work who's job is not to help you but to get rid of you. Also there is always the Financial services Ombudsman, do a google. Banks are already in the sh1t for overcharging so you may get some joy there.
If you are still over the credit limit then they are possibly adding charges for this. Write a letter of conplaint to the credit card company, ask for a breakdown of charges on your account and for a leaflet on their internal complaints procedures to ensure they deal with your complaint correctly and fairly.
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Thanks for all your help. I got a call from them last night to tell me I was being refunded for the charges and they don't know why they were charged in the first place, no apology though.

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Credit card trouble, grrrrr!!!

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