Virgin Credit Card - Balance Transfer Fees

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jennifer_cro | 19:26 Mon 10th Jul 2006 | Business & Finance
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I have a Virgin Credit Card and four months ago a transferred �1000 from another credit card and was not charged a fee by Virgin. I'm trying to transfer another �1000 but they are saying I have to pay a �34 fee. I know it's not much but why would I have to pay a fee now and not four months ago!

Has anyone else had problems like these?


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Because they've changed their T&C, probably. Read them carefully - if they didn't notify you of the change you may be able to get it refunded.

Very few companies don't charge a balance transfer fee now and they are becoming fewer by the week. Sounds like Virgin have joined the majority recently.
The terms and conditions have changed in line with a lot of other credit card providers.

I expect you were notified of the changes in small print on a densely typed leaflet.
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Thanks for your replies. I've just had a 'row' with a manager at their call centre and they have agreed to waive the fee so its worth trying!!!

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Virgin Credit Card - Balance Transfer Fees

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